Stagg SCF221609 Glass Fibre Trans Case pour micros

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- Water- & dustproof universal transport case, IP67, with pick 'n pluck foam - Ultra strong and extremely durable case made from glass fiber reinforced plastic resin - IP67 durable o-ring seal - road-proof double throw latches - manual pressure valve to balance air pressure during air travel - soft but durable handle with over-moulded rubber finish - fixing points for padlocks to prevent unwanted access - mutiple external guiders and stabilisers, guiding fluids away from the case edge and reinforcing the structure - lined with pre-cut pick 'n pluck foam in the storage space and eggcrate foam in the top - Ext.size: 249*216*115 mm - Int.size: 224*162*96 mm - Net weight: 1.13kg


Ref: STAGG-SCF221609
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