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Roland System-500 SYR-E84

Roland System-500 SYR-E84, 84hp eurorack case with rugged aluminum construction and wood side panels, modules can be securely  mounted to the m3 bar nut and the included flying male bus cable, includes a super-clean 2000 ma power supply designed especially for modular synths and effects, stackable design and included screws allow two syr-e84 cases to be joined together when a larger setup is required, slant on the bottom corner of the case allows for angled positioning, portable size and weight with a protective cover for travel, case cover can be attached to the back with a latch to provide extra stability, overcurrent protection to safeguard  users and modules from hazardous currents, includes: psu, 40x installation screws, 2x 16-pin eurorack power supply cable, dimensions wdh: 481 x 135 x 157 mm, weight: 2,4 kg




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