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The ADI-8 PRO is an 8 channel analog to digital and digital to analog converter with reference approach. The compact 19" 1U rackmount enclosure includes several outstanding features, like Intelligent Clock Control (ICC), SyncCheck®, SyncAlign®, TDIF/ADAT converter and Bit Splitter. AD- and DA-circuit automatically operate either independently or linked. The latest 24 bit converters with 128 times oversampling achieve more than 110 dB real dynamic range. All digital inputs and outputs operate at full 24-bit resolution. If you have been waiting for a flexible, fully professional yet affordable multi-channel converter - the wait is over.

Use the following feature list to compare our ADI-8 PRO with all other multitrack converters, and you will agree: The ADI-8 PRO has the best value/price point!

    * 8 channel AD-Converter, completely symmetrical and DC-coupled audio path, 116 dBA AD
    * 8 channel DA-Converter, DC-coupled audio path, balanced output, 112 dBA DA
    * ADAT optical inputs, 24 bit, based on RME's unsurpassed Bitclock PLL for sample accurate lock
    * ADAT optical outputs, 24 bit, fully compatible to all ADAT optical inputs
    * TDIF-1 interface, 24 bit, Low Jitter PLL, Emphasis support, DA-88 compatible
    * Bit Split/Combine, Yamaha 02R compatible technique to record 24 bit data onto 16 bit machines
    * Copy Mode adds a unique 24 bit ADAT to/from TDIF converter
    * Bit Split/Combine, Copy Mode, ADAT and TDIF usable in all combinations
    * Digital Patchbay operation, allows to copy, duplicate and distribute the digital input signals
    * SyncCheck, unique technology to check clock synchronization
    * Virtual Sample Buffer, allows to use the internal Low Jitter Clock (quarz crystal) even for DA-conversion
    * Automatic storage of all settings

Ref: 4599-DPV
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