Digitech Vocalist Live II

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Avec boite, alimentation et notice d'origine en anglais .



Digitech Vocalist Live II Processeur vocal

Two-part vocal harmony with no programming. Just sing and play.

Selectable voicing featuring unison, 3rd or a 5th above or below your lead vocal

A vocal enhancement effects matrix with separate compressor, reverb and EQ/Enhance controls

Separate harmony and effects foot pedals

An on-board guitar tuner

XLR mic /line input with level adjustment, low-noise preamp and 48V phantom power

¼" guitar input, ¼" guitar pass-through and Guitar Ground Lift switch to eliminate any hum or his that is present after you plug in your guitar.

Stereo ¼" line out and mono XLR line out

The unit is made of rugged metal

The power supply included



Ref: 5931-DPV
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