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TC ELECTRONIC Harmony G Harmonisation vocale pour guitariste


Vocal Harmony & Effects for Guitarists

Are you looking to turn heads at every gig and rehearsal with your singing? You will with VoiceTone Harmony-G, the smartest vocal harmony and effects device you’re likely to plug your guitar and mic into. Harmony-G simultaneously gives you two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling with effortless control. Not only that, but Harmony-G also includes adaptive live engineer effects that can automatically optimize your vocals, guitar sound and effects for you. While you focus on your music, Harmony-G backs you up with fully produced vocal sound.

Take Control of Your Sound

Feel like you’re wrestling with others over your sound? From the moment you plug your mic into VoiceTone Harmony-G, you’re in control of the tone and effects on your voice. Adaptive mixing and harmony arrangement algorithms follow your playing and singing. Straightforward controls allow you to step through presets and A/B settings.

Enjoy Complete Quality

Quality can be witnessed in every aspect of VoiceTone design. Studio caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters and fastidious analog audio design lead to a smooth sound that makes you want to sing your best while your fans get, well, fanatic. It just wouldn’t be enough to make products that sound this good without making sure they stand up to the rough treatment they’re going to get onstage or kicking around a rehearsal room floor.


  • - Two voice 4th generation intelligent harmony
  • - Separate Double effect using overdub algorithm
  • - Tone switch engages adaptive Live Engineer Effects
  • - 6 reverb/delay combinations – for vocal and guitar input
  • - 10 presets each with A/B location
  • - Harmony Arrangement algorithm listens to guitar and voice to follow your music
  • - Selectable harmony voicing including unique Bass setting
  • - XLR mic level I/O in stereo or mono
  • - Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
  • - Guitar input and pass-thru for separate amp
  • - Guitar Tuner

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