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Mackie 1521Z Enceinte deux voies

The Mackie SA1521z is a high-efficiency, high output, horn-loaded, 2-way, wide-dispersion, Active sound reinforcement system. The SA1521z benefits from the integration of 500 watts of amplifier power, complete Active control electronics, and premium transducer components — all self-contained in an EAW-tuned wooden enclosure. That’s right, we said wood — because wood just sounds better.

The SAz Series represents Mackie’s most powerful Active loudspeakers to date; our ultimate Super Active Loudspeaker systems, re-engineered from the ground up and tuned by the gurus at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). The 1.75” neodymium high-frequency compression driver features a low-distortion optimized symmetric phase plug. Low frequency duties are amply handled by a high-output, long-throw 15” woofer with a 3” high-temperature voice coil. Read more...

We’ve Taken All The Hassle Out Of Bi-Amping
Bi-amplified systems always sound better than passive speakers driven by a single power amp. But few of us can spend the extra money on electronic crossovers and extra power amps. Not to mention all the extra hassle and setup. The SAz Active electronics take all the guesswork out of system configuration and hookup. Just plug in the power cable and the signal line from your board or snake — we’ve already done the rest for you. No need for racks of amps and processing gear. And the built-in active crossover sends the optimal signal to each of the internal amplifiers, which were custom designed for their respective transducers. Which brings us to amps…

Five Hundred Watts You'd Swear Were a Thousand
The SA1521z's built-in 400 and 100-watt power amps are pretty impressive all by themselves. But to get the same output from a typical passive system, you'd have to use far more power. That's because the amps in our Active speakers are directly coupled to their transducers and were specifically designed to squeeze out every drop of output. Our “competition” simply can’t touch this level of efficiency, sound quality, and performance in this class of loudspeakers.

High Temperature Voice Coils Can Take A Pounding All Night Long.
The 15" LF transducer used in the SA1521z has a special high-temperature voice coil winding that can handle and dissipate far more heat than traditional designs. They turn the 400 watts of high current amp power into tightly-controlled, chest-thumping bass while resisting the heat that's inevitably generated. These speakers were designed to withstand the kind of punishment that you dish out on a regular basis.

The cabinet is constructed using both 18 mm multi-layered plywood and pressure injected structural resin. Weight balanced with carrying handles integrated into the sides and top for easy loading and transport. And speaking of transportability, you can fit a pair of Mackie SA1521z’s in a subcompact hatchback.

If you're looking for a ton of high-accuracy, wide-dispersion, extreme output in a "one pound" enclosure, check out the new SA1521z at your Mackie dealer soon.


Ultra high-output Active system featuring integrated electronics and acoustic design by EAW loudspeaker team
Bi-Amplified; with 400W RMS low frequency and 100W RMS high frequency amplifiers
Electronic crossover filters, time correction, phase alignment, and thermal system protection
44mm (1.75") neodymium compression driver
Wide-dispersion, ultra-low distortion, high frequency horn design•
381mm (15") LF long-throw woofer with high-temperature voice coil
133dB SPL @ 1kHz/1 meter
Frequency Response: 44Hz to 20kHz
Power On, Signal Present, Limiter and Thermal Protection LEDs
Weight balanced with carrying handles for easy portability

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