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The PCR-M50 is a revised version of the popular PCR-50 MIDI Keyboard Controller. Like the PCR-50, the PCR-M50 offers direct connection to the computer through USB, plus 49 keys, 27 assignable MIDI controllers, a software editor, MIDI input and output, and sustain and expression pedal connections. Advancement the PCR-M50 has over the PCR-50: the addition of velocity curves, a switchable MIDI interface, and a new key-action found on Roland's higher-end synths that produces less mechanical noise and offers a consistent, playable feel. The pitchbend/modulation lever has a new rubber coating for easier grip.

* High-quality keyboard assembly  ultra-low mechanical noise
* 12 velocity curves
* Switchable MIDI Interface
* Cool, black (titanium dark gray) body color
* 49 velocity-sensitive keys
* 27 assignable controls: 8 knobs, 8 sliders, 9 switches, and 2 pedal ports
* Rubber-coated pitch-bend/modulation lever
* 1 GM2 and 15 user-memory locations
* FPT low-latency MIDI transmission
* PCR Editor software
* USB powered or AC adaptor (Included)
* Switchable MIDI Interface mode
* MIDI in/out ports
* Sustain and Expression pedal ports
* V-LINK compatible

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High-Quality Mechanism for the Serious Player
With a newly designed key mechanism  derived from Roland's 30 years of synthesizer development , players can control a wide dynamic range with incredible subtlety. The redesigned keyboard is more comfortable to play and provides a better reaction to the player's touch. In addition, changes have been made to reduce the mechanical noise and eliminate vertical shake on the key strokes. The newly developed pitch-bend/modulation controller is friendlier to use and more expressive.

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